How do you cope under pressure?

How do you cope under pressure?

  1. I cope very well under pressure.
  2. I remain calm and patient and try to get my work done as quickly as possible. I make priorities and work accordingly.
  3. Try to give an example of a situation when you were under pressure and how you coped well with it.


I worked in a flower shop called Buds of May as a flower arranger. The shop was always very busy on special days such as Valentine’s day and Mother’s day. I had to make many bouquets in a very short space of time. In order to deal with this situation effectively I used my organisation skills. The night before special deliveries I would lay out all the materials needed for the morning. I also used my time management and prioritisation skills to check which bouquets needed to be delivered earliest and I finished them first, I also completed the larger bouquets first as they took longer and I could complete the smaller ones in a shorter space of time. I worked up until midnight to make sure everything was ready for the day ahead. On the day, I worked as quickly and efficiently as possible. The customers were always happy with the results and came back year after year as they knew they could rely on me.

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