What are your salary expectations?

What are your salary expectations?

  • Research salary scales for your industry before the interview
  • Never be the first to raise the topic of salary in an interview
  • Don’t lie or inflate your current salary
  • Be realistic don’t aim too high or sell yourself too cheaply
  • Try to convince the company that you are worth the figure you are asking for

Firstly try and give a vague answer if possible and try to push off giving a figure until you have been offered the role. At that point you know that they want you and you have more negotiating power. You can ask for the salary they are suggesting and negotiate around this.

You can formulate your answer in this way;

I have a degree in ……………………. and have worked in this area for two years and I would like to receive a salary that would reflect this.

However then might then ask you for a figure, so it is always good to have one in the back of your mind. If they do ask for a figure then you can formulate your answer in this way;


Considering my previous salary my 4 years experience in ….. My diploma in ……and my excellent …….skills I feel that I should be earning  (a) a salary that reflects this or (b) between (€€€) and (€€€) however I am very interested in the role and willing to negotiate.

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